IAARC@FIU is affiliated to The International Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction (IAARC). IAARC is the premier global organization dedicated to the advancement of Automation and Robotics in Construction. IAARC represents fields of construction including civil and building engineering, machine automation, robotics applications to construction, information technologies, planning, logistics, etc. IAARC is a non-profit-making organization and it’s membership is not just restricted to end-users, manufacturers and researchers, but welcomes participation from other industrial sectors and from government organizations.

E-board Members

Sudip Subedi


Francisco Lopez

First VP, CSO Representative

Carlos Reano


Armando Carrasquillo


Alexander Rosenqvist

VP of Liaison with ASME

Yairen Sotolongo

VP of Liaison with ASCE, Outreach Coordinator

Nipesh Pradhananga

Faculty Advisor


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